Telecom Junkie Powered by Mitech Partners, LLC

Telecom Junkie Powered by Mitech Partners, LLC

Telecom Junkie [beta] will be released by Mitech Partners, LLC in Fall 2015. This web/mobile platform will streamline the shopping and ordering process businesses have to endure when faced with choosing telecom and internet providers nationally. It is especially useful for multi-location companies and Hotel management organizations.

The entire concept of Mitech has been to keep things simple for the end user (Customers) and IT Partners. Enabling end users to be able to focus on what they’re good at while utilizing superior telecom and essential services like business internet, phone and TV is a significant value add.

Keeping it simple is the name of the game. Once Mitech Partners releases Telecom Junkie, its goal is to garner support from national associations and franchises who mandate certain telecom requirements for their franchisees.

“We want to be the of Business Telecom,” says Ryan Gordon of Mitech

Stay tuned for announcements of Phase 1 coming this Fall 2015.

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