Why Mitech Partners?

Shop, Order & Support (SOS) All in One Place

Avoid the Cable/Phone Company Hassle
Shop multiple Carriers in one place

Receive one bill (no matter how many locations or carriers)

One Platform or Number to call for MITECH SUPPORT


Over 100 Preferred Telecom & Cable Carriers to Shop:

How Mitech Works


Mitech helps your business SHOP, ORDER and get TECH SUPPORT for Internet, Phone and TV service with more than 100 carriers, saving you time, money and frustration.

One Throat to Choke

Single Billing

No matter how many locations, we take the pain away from your accounting department and deliver ONE ITEMIZED-SIMPLIFIED BILL.

Receive the same billing amount every month!

Contact MITECH SUPPORT for all Billing questions.

Partner with Us

Add residual income or upfront commissions to your bottom line. Become a MITECH PARTNER at No Cost and start making money right away!

Use Mitech tools like a CRM, Marketing Slicks/Emails, Sales Engineers and more.

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