#startup 43-47… Foundations of an entrepreneur

43. Learn how to create something from nothing. Create money out of thin air. It doesn’t take money to make money. 44. Before you’re great you’re good. Before you’re good you’re bad and before you’re bad you have to do something. 45. Success formula: small steps in...

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Mitech Partners on Facebook!

Mitech Partners is now on Facebook! Like our page and get a shoe in on the latest deals for your home or business telecom needs! Don’t go direct, get a better deal with Mitech. Call 877-780-1120 today

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You are CEO no matter what…

Had a conversation the other with a friend who told me he wasn’t a business owner yet… But when he became one, he’d start acting like CEOs should, implying his current CEO wasn’t up to par. I told him he got it wrong. ‘Start acting like the CEO now and you’ll become...

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