Networking groups growing the biz? Maybe.

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I’m a part of 3 networking groups. BNI, BRN and CNG… these groups are suppose to enhance my business through new relationships and referrals. They have but at some point in the near future I’m going to outgrow these groups. I’ve gotten a lot from them so far especially due to their location.

BNI is in Murfreesboro – about 30 minutes outside of Nashville. BRN in Brentwood and CNG in Clarksville.

I am working on one of the largest deals to date now because of a connection through one of these groups. If closed this deal will potentially add close to 50k in annual revenue.

My advice on using networking groups to grow your business? Use them. contribute like crazy and learn. Use them as a launching pad to maximize your earning potential. Then blow up.


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