90 day Launch

90 day Launch

On my way down to Murfreesboro to solidify a couple of deals with a referral partner at Twins Technologies. Do I want to drive to Murfreesboro. Nope. Will this short trip be worth it? (45 minutes drive). Hopefully and yesfully.

As a time management tool, I’ve been trying to conserve my time and use it wisely as I build the business. Time is my most significant asset no doubt. Once my passive income exceeds monthly expenses, time freedom will be a joy!

This week has been interesting as I place customers with multiple providers. Uverse, Birch and Comcast Business so far this week.

Also, preparing for a launch date of an internal massive action plan that will last 90 days. the launch date is February 17. Still finishing the game plan for the 90 day plan but afterwards to goal is for Mitech to be a machine handling over 120 referrals and leads per month (inbound leads).

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