New Customers w/ UNSi and Charter Business 2day

New Customers w/ UNSi and Charter Business 2day


Weakley Business Services in Clarksville, TN just signed on today as our newest Charter Business Customer. and Yesterday we signed our first customer on with UNSi.

This morning had a BNI meeting in Murfreesboro, then a 121 with Larry Curtis who gave me a couple of IT referrals. Thx bro! Headed home to handle some paperwork only to get a call from Joann with Weakley Business Services in Clarksville saying she’s ready to sign up on the Charter deal but I must come up to Clarksville b/c she doesnt do email… being that she’s an antique and all. Yes I went to Clarksville and got that deal.

Besides the fact that I put numerous miles on my car today, I am mo’ tired than a slave ship.

Single parenthood is in full effect of course. Picked up Miles from school at 5 then headed home to cook, help with homework, complete some paperwork and fell out before Scandal came on. Woke up and now have a bit of energy to handle some things.

I have at least 15 calls to make tomorrow before 12 and have 2 meetings before 12. How is that going to happen. I gotta get this one to 1 million though.

Company is currently at roughly 11k per month in revenue. Of course the objective is to get to 83,333/month in revenue by August 25, 2014. Tracking daily.

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