Mitech Partners: The Grind Includes Friday

Mitech Partners: The Grind Includes Friday

Mitech Partners – a telecom firm focused on providing an opportunity to IT Consultants and Sales Professionals to add revenue streams in business and residential telecom – will launch March 4, 2016.

The blog site will include content related to sales development, business development and personal growth strategies to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals reach unreasonable goals in record time.

“Our unique sales strategies at have helped us attract nearly 1000 customers in just over 2 years. We look forward to sharing some of those secrets which will help us build a community of like-minded individuals and ultimately enhance our overall objectives,” says Bill Mccleskey – CEO and founder of Mitech Partners.

The Name of the website – – comes from a mindset of fairly successful sales professionals who usually take off early on Friday after hitting it hard Monday through Thursday. The philosophy behind the site is teaches that including just as much intensity and work ethic on Friday will produce exponential growth and success over time.

The site will include various blog entries from Bill McCleskey and other top Mitech Sales Partners, worthwhile video content and audio entries to develop sales professionals worldwide. At this time, the site will be free.

“We look forward to connecting with Professionals all over the globe,” Bill McCleskey says. Mitech Partners is based in Nashville, Tennessee and boasts of attracting 200+ Sales Professionals to sell its telecom services. Visit to become a Partner.


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