LOR: Large Opportunity, Right?

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Currently working on an 8 location deal that could potentially worth 20k… of course this is causing me to stretch and focus like crazy because our average deals right now are 216 per. 20k is a nice jump but let’s get this one done and work on finding more opportunities like this one.

This opp involves fiber circuits, disaster recovery potential, voip and more…. it’s just been 3 months but we’re getting our wings nonetheless. Also approaching 20k monthly in revenue already, well more like 15k after some duds. But the focus is >> 83,333 per month by September 1, terse<del>2014.

Stay focused!

Brought on 3 new guys recently and working to get them ramped up right away. What an interesting experiment… CL ad, no base, commission only, cold calling, great potential though. We’ll see who sticks.


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