Does it cost anything extra to be a customer of Mitech partners?

Sure doesn’t!

How much does it cost to be a part of the partner program?


Is there a minimum quota for being in the partner program?

While we hope that all of our partners are successful and realize the income potential we do not push a quota.

I’m in California, can I still be a Mitech partner?

Absolutely! We have over 200 Partners from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between. Our list of carriers reach throughout the US. Come join us!

I think my commission is wrong. Where can I find this information?

Log in to the agent portal where all of your deals and commissions are listed. Don’t have your back office login? Email:

Do I have to be in IT or telecommunications to be a Mitech Partner?

Absolutely not! While our top partners happen to be in IT, we have Partners in various fields/industries who send in clients consistently and are very successful networkers.

How long does it take to get residual payments?

Residual Payments start once the customer pays their first month’s bill. This can take 60 to 90 days after install has been completed. Keep in mind, if there is construction required, the order will not be installed until the construction is complete. Once the install is complete, the customer receives a bill about a month later. They then may have another 30 days to pay the bill (depending on the carrier). Residual payments are always made on the 5th of each month via direct deposit or check by mail.

How long does it take to get upfront payments?

Upfront Spiffs: Spiff payments are paid within 60-90 days after the order has been accepted by the carrier. These payments are paid on the 5th of every month.

Upfront Commissions (Directv): Upfront Commissions are paid 2 weeks after the customer has active service.

Do we get paid weekly, biweekly or once and month, and how is that paid out?

Payouts are made via direct deposit or by check. Once a W9 is completed, accounting will send out a link to set up direct deposit. If this direct deposit link is not completed, agent will receive a check. Residual Payments are issued on the first of every month once the carriers send commissions from a billing Customer. Direct TV Commissions are issued every Monday. Commissions are paid about 2 weeks after an order has been activated.

Is Mitech’s commission plan set up on an “Evergreen Clause”?

Yes, there are no quotas. And Partners will always receive residual commissions as long as their business customers are paying their bills.

Will the company provide business cards and a company email address?

Mitech can provide Mitech business cards if you care to represent your business as Mitech. Please email for up to date pricing on Mitech Business Cards.

When was Mitech Partners Founded and by who?

Mitech Partners was founded by Bill McCleskey in September of 2013. Bill McCleskey had previously worked in Business Sales at Comcast Business in Nashville, Tennessee, and was a top Business Account Executive (BAE) in the Big South Region.

Can Partners at Mitech Partners sell anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes. Partners at Mitech Partners can sell services anywhere in the United States. As long as the customer’s address is serviceable to one of the 50+ carriers we represent, Mitech can service this customer and agents can sell this customer.

Are there any referral rewards for MiTech Agents who recruit / as in them stating they were referred by John Smith on their applications?

Yes. Mitech agents can earn 10% of their direct recruit’s commissions. Let’s say you recruit John Smith and he earns $1000 this month. As the referring agent, you would earn $100. This commission is not taken from John Smith but is considered an override. Of course John Smith could recruit a team and earn 10% of his direct recruit’s as well.

How might a Mitech Agent promote or market residential sales?

The best way to market residential sales is the same way we recommend marketing business services, via networking. However, there are flyer templates that will be made available soon in the new back office.

Does Mitech Partners offer training?

Yes. Mitech Partners conducts 2 conference call trainings every week. Updates about the calls are emailed to everyone twice per week. One call will deal with product training and the other call focuses on sales training.

The Company Call in # is:


Mitech also offers one-on-one training to those who request it. It’s our goal to get an agent ramped up as soon as possible and making money. Regional events take place as well once per quarter. Visit for more info on the next event.

What type of support does Mitech offer to their Partners?

Mitech Partners offers access to each channel manager for each carrier. These channel managers work with independent agencies to insure orders are flowing through the process correctly, helps handle any issues and offer individual trainings on their product mix. Mitech also offers agents a back office tool to track orders and receive updates regarding orders.

What type of support does Mitech offer to their customers?

Customer’s first point of contact is usually the sales person or IT consultant. Knowing this, customers will usually contact these individuals with any support issues. It’s important that Mitech agents learn how to respond to the most common issues customers may have (outages, billing, etc). This usually involves helping the customers navigate to their carrier to call tech support or customer service. Agents will have access to Account Coordinators at Mitech Partners who will provide support to customers and agents regarding these issues.

What carriers can we offer as a Master Agent for MiTech?

A list of carriers can be found at the following link:

The back office also provides a list of serviceable providers when a customer account is created and a quote is requested.

What is Mitech Partners?

Mitech Partners, LLC provides an opportunity to earn income in Business Telecom. Mitech offers Business Internet, Phone and TV Services nationally through major carriers like Comcast Business, Charter Business, Time Warner, Uverse & More.

Mitech helps IT Consultants, self starters, entrepreneurs and home-based business owners leverage their time through the power of passive income to offer services people and businesses are already using everyday.

Mitech Partners, LLC has a relationship with over 50 of the industry’s top carriers, and is able to adapt to any fluctuation in the market. Whether a customer is looking for voice, internet, data, mobility, cloud or managed services, Mitech Partners has cost-effective solutions, and will help you determine the best option. By offering multiple choices among the industry’s best carriers, we provide a truly consultative sales experience for our agents and their clients.

Will I have access to online tools to manage my business?

Yes. Once an Partner has completed an Agency Agreement, he or she will be sent log in information to access the back office and utilize TelecomJunkie for instant quoting and tracking of orders and commissions.

Does Mitech offer commissions on future add-on sales for my customer’s locations?

Yes. If customers add a location, that’s a brand new sale. However, if a customer already has Comcast Business Internet, for example… and we want to add Comcast phone and TV service. Comcast will pay commissions on the services we add, not the existing services the customer already had. The exception to this is with Charter Business. Charter requires agents to double the MRC in order to take over the new added services for a commission payout.

Are we resellers of communication services?

Yes and No. Most services, we do not resell. Mitech merely represents the carrier (i.e. Comcast Business, Charter Business, TWC, XO, Earthlink, etc), and offers the same price any direct sales can would offer. In this instance, we cannot change pricing. However, Mitech does resell a handful of carriers (Ben Lomand, Cox Communications, SuddenLink, MetroCast, CableOne, AT&T). With opportunities for these carriers, Mitech is free to mark up pricing on a sliding scale which is usually 5-20%.

Why can’t I sign up directly with a carrier like Comcast to be an agent?

You certainly can. But most direct programs only include a one-time commission and no residual at all. Also, some contracts require extremely high quotas and other strict qualifications. Mitech Partners is in place to provide the support and simplicity of generating income in business telecom, while you work on your main business or make this your primary business. We have built and are improving the Mitech infrastructure and system for you. All you have to do is network and sell. Keep it simple!

If I sell a few deals and never sell another deal,will I continue to be paid on my customers as long as they remain active?

Yes. Agents are paid on their customer base as long as the customers remain active. Mitech Partners does require an annual $99 accounting fee every 12 months starting at your 12 month anniversary. This is a fee the company takes to assist in paying for handling partner payroll and accounting.