Fiber Internet | Nashville, Tennessee

Fiber Internet | Nashville, Tennessee will launch this summer 2015 featuring some of the best business options for shared and Dedicated Internet also known as Fiber Internet.

The buzz is out about Google Fiber coming to Nashville. But what excitement is in the air for small, medium and large businesses. For the most part Google Fiber will not be available to the SMB market. Still options remain abundant based on serviceability of various carriers like AT&T, Comcast Business, Windstream, Cogent, ACC Business and more. aims to enable business customers to shop, order and get support for data services in one place. Instead of spending what could be productive time calling carriers, waiting on hold, waiting for proposals, etc., works to save customers valuable time and money.

Phase one of the site is up but will soon be replaced by a quoting tool application that will instantly allow businesses to choose desired internet speeds, order service and eventually request support all without picking up a phone. No phone-tree navigation here. This is a tool that serves as an advocate for the end user. has purchased exclusive rights to use to quoting tool for the first 12 months once released. “We’re excited about how this will advance our business,” says Bill McCleskey – Director of Sales at Mitech Partners, LLC.

In an industry where customer service doesn’t seem to be a priority, we can all say it’s about time!

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