EC Move

EC Move

Just moved the office down to the EC Center > Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, Tennessee…

A lot of progressive folks down here who seem to be focused on changing the world through their business ideas and leadership. This is the environment I need to be in.

Closer to inking an 8k+ deal in hospitality with an integrator… all the while closing smaller deals almost daily. this has been my plan for some time now. Work on larger deals which have a longer sales cycle and ink small deals daily. Don’t just go after the big fish alone. So sagacious. 🙂

Also got news from my programmer that he’s started on our software/programming idea which will revolutionize my business and many others. the plan is to patent this IP and license it out to other companies, not only in the telecom industry but multiple industries.

How do eat an elephant? One bite at a time. the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step… all that.

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