Comcast Internet – Nashville

Comcast Internet – Nashville

The new debate continues: Google Fiber versus Comcast. Which is best since Comcast claims 1 gig is coming to Nashville! It’s already in the Atlanta footprint. But when will it be in Nashville, Tennessee? Who knows.

Of course Nashville Google Fiber only exist in cool condos downtown right now (as of 6/8/2016). So what internet providers offer service, at what speed, in what neighborhoods and at what price?

That’s the million dollar question most want to know without having to deal with the large carriers (Comcast, AT&T Uverse, Directv, etc) and their extensive phone trees.

SOLUTION: Below are 2 numbers you can call to find what carriers are serviceable for your address anywhere in the United States. One line is for cable providers only i.e. Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner, Cox, etc. The other toll-free number will check serviceability for Uverse / Directv anywhere in the United States.

Cable Shop, Order, Support: 1-844-449-1422 (press option #3)

AT&T Uverse or Directv Shop, Order, Support: 1-844-458-0439 (press option #3)

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