Birch and Ring Central for 2014

Birch and Ring Central for 2014

As we bring on more agents, the questions is how do we show them quick success… put money in their pockets right away? Yep pretty much. Our lead generation system has got to show our referral partners that we’re gonna help you make money as much as possible and make this process of ramping as simple and less painful as possible.

Of course, our vendors who pay upfront commissions helps us in the process. Enter Birch Communications and Ring Central (VOIP). These will be 2 of the newbies in 2014, especially with Birch upgrading coax internet speeds to 45meg and Ring Central being the largest VOIP company in the nation by far.



It’s Christmas Eve and I’m headed to Memphis later today to celebrate the Holidays with Kim Tennial. Should be an adventurous one. Of course running through my mind is the layout for 2014 with Mitech. Should be an adventurous one as well. 8 to faint baby… and headed to 1 million.

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