Small-business vitality: Nashville’s top selling points

Interview with Bill McCleskey, founder of Mitech:

Why did you choose Nashville as the location for your business?

  1. Nashville borders eight states, which happens to mean, within three to four driving hours I can be in multiple large markets and conduct business.
  2. I am a native to Nashville, so having already built a solid relationship in my community and industry was a big advantage to launch here.
  3. The Nashville market is growing and attracting multiple industries like hospitality and health care, where our business solutions are a perfect fit.

How are you benefitting from Nashville’s growth?

Nearly 30 percent of our new clients in Nashville are new businesses to the area.

Has it allowed you to increase revenue or add jobs?

The new growth in Nashville has increased Mitech’s revenue nearly 20 percent overall. But more importantly, the growth in this city has helped us nurture new relationships, which we believe will lead to exponential growth in the coming years and will enable us to expand our team nationally.