20k per month

20k per month

Very close to moving the needle beyond 20k per month as we approach the end of the year. Of course the initial goal is 83k per month by September 1st so that our annual numbers are 1 million plus but this is a great accomplishment and a wink in the right director. For sure.

Thought we would close a 6k (72k annual) deal last week. I’d like to say we got close but in reality found out we were being shopped. Still have a chance but now that I have more clarity in the situation, looks more bleak son!

The roller coaster will kill you if you let it. I should know better than to get hype about a potential large deal then see it fade away. Keep an even keel right? Never get too high or too low. Keep cool bruh!

My personal production (calls) has to increase. Look in the mirror and maintain all out massive action.

Don’t sleep.

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