Why Mitech

We help your company save time, money and frustration. Dealing with large cable and phone providers can be a hassle no one enjoys.

Our system helps you Shop, Order & get Support (SOS) in one place! No more back and forth or long hold times. WE have 100+ carriers at our disposal. You focus on your business while we focus on telecom and cloud services for your business.

We are partnered with the top telecom providers in the country. Whether you are looking for internet, voice, TV or other IT services, we can help. Looking to add a revenue stream to your business? That’s our specialty. We help IT Consultants become Total Solutions Providers through our Partner Program and make you look like a pro! Let’s connect!

How Mitech Works


Mitech helps your business shop for, order and get tech support for internet, phone and TV service with more than 50 carriers. Save time and money and more importantly, avoid the frustration of dealing with long hold times and extensive phones trees with the big carriers. We handle that for you so you can focus on your business.

We do the comparison pricing and find you the best deal free of charge to you! You can order through us without ever having to contact the carriers. Got an issue? We’ll get it fixed, guaranteed.


Save time and the hassle of calling different telecom providers to find internet, phone and TV pricing. If you are anywhere in the United States we can do the shopping for you at no cost to you for your home.

Our folks can help no matter where you are in the US!

Want Cable(Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Mediacom, CableOne)?

Call 844.449.1422 (Residential Only)

Want AT&T Uverse, Directv, more?

Call 844.458.0439 (Residential Only)

Partner with Us

Are you an IT Consultant, Tech Sales Professional, Realtor or Entrepreneur looking to add residual income to your bottom line? Become a Mitech partner at no cost and gain the support of a Team that helps you make money right away!

We’ve helped Partners close local SMB deals to large government agency opportunities. Our team has the experience and the grit to help you succeed.

Even better, we provide you with tools to succeed like a CRM, Back Office resources, marketing/sales assistance and more.

Partner with us to grow your revenue HERE.

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